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"Through their own research, they were able to find a realtor who not only helped us sell our house for $85,000 more than others had suggested, but sold the house in one day. I highly recommend them." Brian S.

"They were a vital part of the process of selling our home, gave us great peace of mind, and reassured us we were maximizing the value of our home. We are very grateful for the service Energized Real Estate offered."
Daniel P.

"This is an incredible platform you have in place. You can trust that I will send everybody I can to your door." Jeff B.

"It was one of those things where their overall analysis made me feel more comfortable and confident, knowing that I got a good deal."
Matt O.

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You will LOVE our scientific approach to buying and selling San Antonio real estate! Most of all, you'll love how our new patent pending process is producing tremendous results for our San Antonio area home sellers and buyers.

A San Antonio real estate brokerage and advisory firm that matches you with proven successful real estate agents in San Antonio and advises you on improving your likelihood of success during your home selling and buying experience.

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